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We have a wide variety of materials and services available. For a more information click through the tabs below.

Example of work on a building Example of work on a building Example of work on a building

Products & Services

The following are just a few of the products and services that we provide:

  •   Gutter/ downspout
  •   Coping
  •   All types of metal wall panels
  •   Composite
  •   Louvers and Vents
  •   Tested Aluminum Composite Fabrication & Installation
  •   Skylights
  •   Sunscreens
  •   Metal Canopies
  •   Roof Screens
  •   Column Covers
  •   Custom Fabrication

Available Materials

  •   Pre-Finished Steel: 26, 24 or 22 Gauge
  •   Paint Grip Galvanized Steel: 26, 24, 22, 20, or 18 Gauge
  •   Stainless Steel: 26, 24, 22, 20, or 18 Gauge
  •   Pre-Finished Aluminum: .032, .040, .050, .063, or .080 (with Kynar finish)
  •   Pre-Finished Aluminum: .019, .024, or .032 (with baked enamel finish)
  •   Copper: 16 up to 32 ounce
  •   Zinc
  •   Lead
  •   Tested Aluminum Composite
Standard metal fabrication Standard metal fabrication

Standard Metal Fabrication

Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc. is the manufacturing company trusted by local contractors and architects for their sheet metal fabrication needs. Providing standard fabrication services using a variety of materials, ASM will not only be able to manufacture the item you require, but we will do so quickly, efficiently and at a competitive cost using Computer Aided Manufacturing: CNC (Computer Numeric Control) and CAD (Computer Aided Design).With an accessible location, state-of-the-art equipment and mass production capabilities, you are guaranteed to receive high quality products on time when and where you need them.

LEED Project Support

We support our customers who are working on Leadership in Energy and Evnironmental Design (LEED) projects by helping them obtain points for locally procured products and locally manufactured products. Check out some of the LEED projects we have worked on.

Manufacturing Materials

  •   Prefinished Steel: 26 ga thru 16 ga in kynar or baked enamel
  •   Prefinished Aluminum: .032″ thru .250″ in kynar or baked enamel
  •   Stainless Steel: 26 ga thru 1/4 ” plate in mill finish, brushed or mirror finishes
  •   Copper: 10 ounce thru 90 ounce in dead soft or cold rolled
  •   Zinc: 24 ga thru 1/8″ in mill finish or pre-weathered finish
  •   Lead: 2.5″ thru 4# in sheet or rolls
  •   Tested Aluminum Composite
  •   Structural shapes: beams, channels or tubes, straight or curved

Standard Fabricated Products Manufactured

  •   Metal Siding Systems
  •   Metal Roof Panels
  •   Downspouts
  •   Louvers
  •   Fascias
  •   Standard Gutters
  •   Coping
  •   Vents
  •   Scupper Heads
  •   Tested Aluminum Composite

Other Services

We also provide welding and painting services, minimizing the number of contractors you need to work with to get the job done.

Partnering with other sheet metal contractors we can provide manufacturing services for an entire project or for a specialized piece of the project that requires custom fabrication. Manufactured products can be delivered to the sheet metal contractor for installation or delivered directly to the job site. Call us if you are interested in our manufacturing services.

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Mass production custom fabricated downspout Mass production metal fabrication

Mass Production Fabrication

For those projects that require production on a larger scale, Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc. offers high quality mass production services. We are able to manufacture anything in large quantities with a precision that ensures a uniform fit across the entire project. ASM has a reputation for providing both quality and quantity.Every product available from ASM can be mass-produced whether it is standard fabrication or custom fabrication. Using Computer Aided Manufacturing, including CNC (Computer Numeric Control) and CAD (Computer Aided Design), we automate the production process to ensure dimension consistency piece to piece, close tolerances, and quality for every individual item. This is ASM’s guarantee.As the number one choice of local contractors and architects, choosing ASM for your mass production needs is the smartest choice. Saving you time and money, we help you get the job done right the first time.

Manufacturing Services

We will work with other local sheet metal contractors to mass produce products for your projects. Call us if you are interested in our manufacturing services.

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Custom fabricated church Custom fabricated country club Custom fabricated copper dome

Custom Metal Fabrication

Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc.’s custom fabrication services allow you to turn your building into an eye-catching brand expression of your business. We have the equipment and expertise to custom manufacture metal architectural elements for functional, decorative, and compliance purposes. All custom manufacturing can be mass-produced, ensuring the uniformity and precision of all manufactured pieces.

Finishing Touches

Whatever your need, ASM will meet it. Specializing in the manufacturing of sunscreens, handrails, custom trellises, finials, and cupolas—all done in ornamental steel—ASM makes architectural dreams into realities.

Structural Accents

Column covers, metal roofs, and historic ornate copper can be manufactured to your specifications at our state-of-the-art facilities. We are the only union manufacturer of composite wall panels in the area which allows us to manufacture to your specifications and deliver as needed to the job site, fitting conveniently into your production schedule even with unexpected changes. Our composite wall panels come in various sizes or can be made to your specification.


If you are looking to add a hanger-rod or column-supported canopy to the exterior of your business, ASM can help you create an architectural statement with a design that communicates your character and style, while providing energy saving protection from the elements and extending a warm welcome to visitors. ASM is widely known for its proficiency when installing custom standing seam, all-metal awnings and canopies.

Automated Manufacturing

Using Computer Aided Manufacturing, CNC (Computer Numeric Control) and CAD (Computer Aided Design), and offering prototyping services as needed during pre-production analysis, we have the ability to validate your design before production and then automate the manufacturing process to ensure the final product conforms to expectations.


Supporting a wide variety of metals and finishes, ASM has a number of materials available for your custom metal needs, including:

  •   Prefinished Steel: 26 Gauge thru 16 ga in kynar or baked enamel
  •   Prefinished Aluminum: .032″ thru .250″ in kynar or baked enamel
  •   Stainless Steel: 26 Gauge thru 1/4 ” plate in mill finish, brushed or mirror finishes
  •   Copper: 10 ounce thru 90 ounce in dead soft or cold rolled
  •   Zinc: 24 Gauge thru 1/8″ in mill finish or pre-weathered finish
  •   Lead: 2.5″ thru 4# in sheet or rolls
  •   Structural shapes: beams, channels or tubes, straight or curved

We are Innovative Problem Solvers

The St. Mary and St. Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church project is a great example of innovation. Enhancing building presence through copper domes was a challenging project that required innovate approaches to design and installation.

The Sterling Bank renovation project required design elements that were going to require an open-air construction approach. Architectural Sheet Metal was able to develop an innovative approach to accomplishing the same architectural design concept while removing the risk of open-air construction. The Design reduced installation time, avoided add-on labor, removed the open-air risk and ensured construction completed on time and within budget.

Take advantage of our expert services and find out for yourself why general contractors choose ASM for their custom metal and manufacturing needs.

Installation of copper domes Forrest park SLU grand hall


Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc. is not just a manufacturing facility. We also offer installation services, for both the products we manufacture, as well as any pre-manufactured products that just require installation assistance. The quality and customer service of our ASM installation team has earned us the right to work on location for companies and agencies such as Anheuser Busch, Monsanto, Mallinckrodt, St. Louis Airport, GSA (General Services Administration), and NSA (National Security Agency), to name a few.

Highly Skilled Sheet Metal Workers

We are adamant about keeping our high quality reputation and therefore hire all of our sheet metal workers from the Local 36 Sheet Metal Workers Union hall or the Local 268 Sheet Metal Workers Union hall. Each union member has extensive knowledge and experience in this industry, as well as 30hr OSHA training, exceeding the 10hr standard requirement, making them highly skilled craftsmen within their field. Going above and beyond to guarantee a safe workplace and a job well done, all of our sheet metal workers also undergo random drug testing in order to give our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your project is in capable hands.

Quality On-Site Service

Once on-site, the superior quality speaks for itself, not only in terms of installation, but all across the board. We make it our intention to leave as minimal an impact as possible on any job site, keeping the space clean throughout installation and working in such a way that we limit disturbance to existing businesses during renovations.

Because ASM manufactures its own products, we are able to produce and install on the go, turning unforeseen issues during construction into problems that can be solved immediately. We have so much faith in our installation team members, in fact, that we vouch for their ability to solve any on-site issue related to the type of work we perform, even if we didn’t do the work.

When you have any of our manufactured products installed, you are able to enjoy the added bonus of earlier installation, as our experts are capable of beginning the installation process before all of the manufacturing has been completed. You don’t have to worry about us slowing down your construction process.

"We are proud that we rarely have a punch list of issues post project"

Installed Products

Among the list of products ASM can install are:

  •   Any Architectural Sheet Metal manufactured products
  •   Pre-manufactured products
  •   Wilkinson trash and linen chutes
  •   Roof hatches (all of our roof hatches are supplied by The Bilco Company)
  •   Trespa panels
  •   Metal decking

If you want the job done right the first time, trust our installation team with your next project. Contact ASM for a quote today.

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Chutes Sales & Service

Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc. is the Missouri area rep for Wilkinson Hi Rise products. Through ASM, you can enjoy the quality and assurance of any Wilkinson Hi Rise product, with the convenience of local sales and service. We sell and install all linen, debris and recycling chutes, as well as trash compactors, sorting systems, and odor control systems from the reputable Wilkinson Hi Rise line.

Once installed, ASM is also able to perform maintenance on any Wilkinson Hi Rise product we sell. For peace of mind and quality assurance, choose Wilkinson Hi Rise and Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc. for chute installation and service.

Visit Wilkinson Hi Rise for more information about their systems and solutions.

 Wilkinson Hi Rise