Value Engineering Reduces Cost for North Point Ford Dealership Renovation

The auto market is finally hot again. With the average age of the typical car on the road quickly approaching double digits, dealerships are finally seeing what appears to be solid growth again. But wait, just when things are starting to get better Manufacturers are putting new requirements on auto dealers to upgrade their facilities to meet new brand guidelines.

Northpoint Ford Before RenovationMandated Upgrades require Ford Dealership Renovations

Auto manufactures have required dealerships to upgrade their facilities in order to provide a more modern contemporary customer environment. These required upgrades are designed to prepare the dealership for new accelerated growth in both sales and service. Redesigning a facility during a hot market isn’t exactly an ideal situation but auto dealers have little choice. How do you find a way to still operate effectively and get the renovations done?

Working with the right contractor is critical

Taking care of customers and selling cars while having a construction crew on site can be a real challenge.
Working with a contractor who understands both the design requirements and the business disruption concerns made all the difference to North Point Ford. Architectural Sheet Metal ( sheet metal subcontractor), working with Brinkmann (General Contractor) and Praxxis (Architect), came up with a design and project plan that provided minimal disruption to North Point Ford’s business of selling and servicing autos.

What is Value Engineering?

Consider that most construction projects can be very disruptive to business – demolition, noise, debris hazards, waste collection, additional outside equipment, storage requirements, rebuilding of the substructure, additional materials, dirt and dust, as well as the constant coming and going of contractors throughout the business.

Value Engineering takes into consideration project goals and business issues to come up with innovative ideas of how to get the project owner the best results for their budget. For the North Point Ford project in Little Rock Arkansas it involved an approach utilizing existing structures and to minimize the amount of demolition and rebuild that is typically associated with renovating a facility.

Architectural Sheet Metal’s expertise in custom composite panel fabrication and installation, and the value engineering capabilities of their President, Jim Van Becelaere, enabled them to review the design and installation specifications and identify a way to mount the composite panels over the existing EFIS (external installation and finish system). This was done using spacer sleeves to allow mounting of the panels on the structural framing and ensuring no EFIS load bearing.

Northpoint Ford After Dealer RenovationThe end result is a rather elegant, efficient, and cost effective solution for the exterior of the facility. The obvious value to North Point Ford was the elimination of time, effort, cost and disruption that would normally be associated with demolition/teardown, rebuilding the substrate, and installing the upgrade to the exterior. In addition, nothing went into a land fill, no waste was generated, and no additional sub structure sheeting was necessary to upgrade the exterior.

This project resulted in a win-win-win-win for the owner, the architect, the general contractor and Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc.


For more examples of value engineering by Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc., see what we did for Sterling Bank and St. Mary and St. Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church.

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