Standard Metal Fabrication

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Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc. is the manufacturing company trusted by local contractors and architects for their sheet metal fabrication needs. Providing standard fabrication services using a variety of materials, ASM will not only be able to manufacture the item you require, but we will do so quickly, efficiently and at a competitive cost using Computer Aided Manufacturing: CNC (Computer Numeric Control) and CAD (Computer Aided Design).With an accessible location, state-of-the-art equipment and mass production capabilities, you are guaranteed to receive high quality products on time when and where you need them.

Standard Fabricated Products Manufactured

  • metal siding systems
  • metal roof panels
  • downspouts
  • louvers
  • fascias
  • standard gutters
  • coping
  • vents
  • scupper heads

Manufacturing Materials

  • Prefinished Steel: 26 ga thru 16 ga in kynar or baked enamel
  • Prefinished Aluminum: .032″ thru .250″ in kynar or baked enamel
  • Stainless Steel: 26 ga thru 1/4 ” plate in mill finish, brushed or mirror finishes
  • Copper: 10 ounce thru 90 ounce in dead soft or cold rolled
  • Zinc: 24 ga thru 1/8″ in mill finish or pre-weathered finish
  • Lead: 2.5″ thru 4# in sheet or rolls
  • Structural shapes: beams, channels or tubes, straight or curved

LEED Project Support

We support our customers who are working on Leadership in Energy and Evnironmental Design (LEED) projects by helping them obtain points for locally procured products and locally manufactured products. Check out some of the LEED projects we have worked on.

Other Services

We also provide welding and painting services, minimizing the number of contractors you need to work with to get the job done.

Partnering with other sheet metal contractors we can provide manufacturing services for an entire project or for a specialized piece of the project that requires custom fabrication. Manufactured products can be delivered to the sheet metal contractor for installation or delivered directly to the job site. Call us if you are interested in our manufacturing services.

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