Historic Church Renovation

Historical Church RenovationRestoring old churches to their former glory is no easy task, because of the level of care and consideration involved in the entire process.

Unlike normal buildings, historic monuments, churches and other similar buildings require special caution so that the original structure is preserved and the repair, renovation and replacement process does not alter the look or cause any additional damage to the building.

Time, climate and environmental conditions often take a toll on the appeal, as well as strength, of historic monuments and churches, deteriorating their exterior architecture.


Traditional VS Innovative Historic Renovation

Historic buildings, when exposed to moisture, temperature differences, and other environmental factors, can deteriorate at an alarming rate. Preserving these gems of the past is important for their sentimental value, their cultural importance, and in case of churches, religious sanctity.

Over the years, there has been a lot of debate on the best solution for historic renovation that not only adds to the aesthetic element of the building, but is also cost effective and reliable.  Although wood, concrete and cast metals have been utilized to imitate the aesthetic appearance of historical buildings, they can be a more expensive choice and may also limit diversity in design.
Sheet Metal for Historic Renovation in Churches

Sheet Metal for Historic Renovation in Churches

Sheet metal is a cost effective, ductile and versatile material used for historic renovation. It can provide an impressive imitation of brick, stones, roofing tiles and ornamental window hoods.  It is also used for renovating decorative metal work at the church such as dormers and window lattice.

One of the leading sheet metal companies in St. Louis, Missouri, Columbia and St. Charles for custom copper fabrication and church renovation is Architectural Sheet Metal Systems Inc., known for its innovative take on historic renovation.

Architectural Sheet Metal Systems has an experienced team on board who have been involved in many historic renovation projects. Architectural Sheet Metal Systems utilizes suitable materials for repair and renovation of historical churches that preserve the building’s original appearance and provide additional support, reliability and durability for years to come.

Historical Renovation of the St. Louis Old Cathedral

Historical Renovation of the St. Louis Old Cathedral

The St. Louis Old Cathedral, with its majestic allure and beauty, presented more of a challenge than usual because of its stunning original architecture and detailing. Custom copper fabrication particularly at the top of the church was especially difficult because of the high elevation and strong winds.

The sheet metal project was recently completed by Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, working as a sub-contractor for Musick Construction.  The project architect was Mackey Mitchell Architects.  The project involved the restoration of the gilded copper cross at the church steeple, the resurfacing and gold leaf gilding of a 150-pound orb below the cross, custom fabricated copper dormers and other architectural sheet metal components at the church.

Work Process

The restoration of the St. Louis Old Cathedral was part of a $15 million dollar project. The gold orb and gilded copper cross of the church has lost it shine and exuberance over the years and Architectural Sheet Metal was assigned the job of restoring it to its original look. The process started with the lowering of the cross and 150 pound orb from the church steeple and resurfacing them with gold leaf guilding. The copper on the steeple was also replaced with flat seam panels.  Ornate copper dormers were fabricated and installed again.


Ornate copper dormersOne of the main challenges and key concerns during the entire process was maintaining safety and security, as the team had to work at a very high elevation in high winds and low temperature.

Being 200 feet up in the air is no easy task but the team at Architectural Sheet Metal rose to the challenge and made sure that the final result was breathtaking as well as long lasting.

For more information regarding sheet metal, its benefits in restoration of historic buildings and in construction of modern structures, contact us.

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