Automobile Dealerships Improving their Visual Image with Composite Panels and Metal Fabrication

Automobile Dealerships

For automobile dealerships, particularly those that offer high end brands, it is important to focus on the aesthetic appeal and branding impact of their building to attract more customers and establish a distinguishing brand image in the market.  Metal panels, siding and innovative roofing solutions can not only add to the visual image of a dealership, but also protect the building against environmental changes and extreme weather conditions.

Investing in high quality metal fabrication or standing seam roof solutions also cuts down on future repair and renovation needs. This means improved construction cost ROI.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Why is Sheet Metal Fabrication a Good Choice for Automobile Dealerships?

custom roofing and siding systems

There are several other factors that make sheet metal fabrication a better long term choice for leading automobile dealerships in St. Louis, Columbia and St. Charles, Missouri. These include:

Custom Design

With sheet metal, custom roofing and siding systems can be designed using the latest computer aided manufacturing software and processes.  This means dealerships can enjoy accuracy of their original design vision and can bring a cutting edge finesse and sophisticated appeal to a diverse scope of projects.


Compared to other materials such as cast iron or wood, sheet metal fabrication using the best quality stainless steel, aluminum, or copper offers more durability. With custom or standard metal fabrication and use of composite panels, the structure retains its shine and longevity for years to come and offers intelligent revenue management in the future.


Composite wall panels, metal panels and other fabrication materials can be designed in a variety of structural shapes and sizes, which means more versatility and flexibility. This is a critical component for auto dealers looking for a modern and sophisticated look for their showrooms.


Metal fabrication can be a more affordable and cost effective choice for businesses, boosting ROI and long term satisfaction.

Composite Wall Panels Installation and Metal Fabrication for High End Automobile Dealership Plaza Jaguar

Automobile Dealership Plaza JaguarRecently, Architectural Sheet Metal Systems subcontracted with Brinkmann Constructors for a construction project to build a new car showroom and outside viewing area for Plaza Jaguar - a high end Jaguar and Range Rover dealership in St. Louis.  The architect for the project was Praxis Architects.

The project involved ACM radius composite panel fabrication and installation, metal roofing with Firestone red shield warranty, installation of metal siding, fabrication of the new outdoor showcase area lighting posts, design and installation of cantilever canopies, rooftop equipment screens, downspouts, flashing, and guttering.

The highest level of expertise, quality and service was needed for this project.  Architectural Sheet Metal Systems had extensive experience working on automotive dealership construction projects and had a very good reputation for delivering their projects with quality workmanship, on time and on budget, and therefore were selected for the project.

One of the main project challenges that the team at Architectural Sheet Metal Systems had to address during this project was the timing constraint – the construction schedule was aggressive because the dealership wanted everything completed before the Christmas 2013 season to help boost their Jaguar new car sales.  Architectural Sheet Metal Systems was not only able to meet the aggressive schedule on time and on budget but also delivered quality that was required for maintaining a positive brand image for this high end dealership.

Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, Inc. – Offering Industry Leading Solutions in St. Louis for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

ASM deals in both standard and custom fabricated sheet metal products including metal siding systems, metal roof panels, standing seam roof, downspouts, louvers and fascias, installation of composite metal panels, gutters and vents as well as contracting services for welding, painting and other on-site renovation jobs. The company has worked with several high end automobile dealerships in the past, providing a suite of services with impeccable attention to detail.

To learn more about sheet metal, composite panels and why they are the best choice for construction and renovation of modern structures, contact Architectural Sheet Metal Systems.

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