Architectural Sheet Metal Participates in LEED Project for Local 36 Union Hall

LEED, otherwise known as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the standard for evaluating the level of environmental benefit and human benefit achieved by a building. LEED measures how efficiently a building uses its resources and ranks it on a point system to determine which certification a building qualifies for. LEED Platinum means that a building is the pinnacle of environmental conservation, however, buildings can also qualify for gold, silver, or basic certified statuses.

NonameIn 2012, G.S. & S. Inc. completed restoration of an old boiler factory which was to become the new home of the Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 offices and state of the art training center.
G.S. & S. Inc. subcontracted with Architectural Sheet Metal Systems, a sheet metal union subcontractor that works in the St. Louis, Missouri area to provide sheet metal fabrication and installation services for the project. In the end, the Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 Union Hall achieved LEED Platinum status – the highest status a building can achieve for environmental conservation. A video about the project can be viewed at

Architectural Sheet Metal System’s Role

Sheet metal is used to build components for energy efficient systems such as HVAC systems and skylights for daylighting. It is also used for energy efficient roofing, and sunshades which focus on reflecting or diverting heat. Architectural Sheet Metal Systems was involved in parts of the energy efficiency piece of the project but was also involved in the esthetic role that sheet metal can play in construction projects.
Architectural Sheet Metal Systems involvement in the energy efficiency piece of the project included sheet metal fabrication and installation in the areas of::
1. A uniform, high efficiency foam wall panel with structural spanning capacity for the building envelope, used to reduce the amount of structural steel required for the project.Noname
2. Sunshades installed in order to diminish heat transfer on the south elevation.
3. A series of skylights to introduce natural lighting for the purpose of reducing energy and electricity costs.
4. A “cool color” metal roof panel system installed because of its high r-value and low heat absorbing characteristics.
One of the construction goals of the Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 Union was to showcase the type and quality of work that could be done with sheet metal fabrication and installation. For this part of the project, Architectural Sheet Metal Systems produced many interior sheet metal fabrication components to display their trade union talents. These included ceiling design elements and intricate metal stenciling.

The End Result

Previously an abandoned boiler factory, the Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 Union Hall building has come a long way from what it once was. Now, the restored old building stands 96,000 square feet in area, with the highest possible LEED designation. After investing millions of dollars into the project, the Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 now has the highest LEED Platinum building in the St Louis area, a sheet metal showcase to promote their members talents to the community, and a state of the art training facility to create the next generation of sheet metal workers.

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