Architectural Sheet Metal gets an “A” from Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University Custom Sheet Metal Facade CompletedWith the continuous rise of tuition in America, it is often tough for universities, particularly those that may not be as well-known, to attract new prospective students. Due to the fierce competition between schools, universities often need to project a modern brand image in order to distinguish themselves from the rest and appeal to students. Recently, Architectural Sheet Metal Systems subcontracted with G H Voss Construction for the purpose of restoring and updating the outdated look of the 12000 Building which housed a satellite location for Lindenwood University. Solon-Gershman, as the property manager, and Novus Architects, as the design lead, lead the project.

Initially built in 1971, the 12000 Building still had its initial facade which was outdated and was showing a lot of wear and tear. Since the completion of its restoration the building’s new exterior has aided Lindenwood University in projecting a more updated image to their current and prospective students.

The Restoration Process

Lindenwood University Custom Sheet Metal Facade Under ConstructionArchitectural Sheet Metal Systems’ role in the restoration of the 12000 Building began with their involvement in the value engineering of the proposed design.   Working with the whole reconstruction team – Solon-Gershman, Novus Architects, and G.H. Voss – Architectural Sheet Metal Systems suggested implementation of a gusset support system that reduced the overall installation timeframe and lessened the cost of the parapet design.  The new composite facade, with a metallic finish, was designed to provide a more modern look by replacing the previous 40 year old, badly damaged facade.   In addition to the facade, Architectural Sheet Metal Systems also removed the existing non-fire rated framing that supported the facade and replaced it with non-combustible structural aluminum plate, improving the overall safety of the building.

Other work included replacing ugly roof screens and other non-functioning mechanical units with clean new screens and updating the old roof flashings.

Custom Fabrication and Mass Production Fabrication

Lindenwood University’s new facade was  custom fabricated, using Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Numeric Control (CNC). CAM was used to ensure there was dimensional consistency from piece to piece, close tolerances, and high quality for every individual piece of facade that was manufactured.

The use of CAM provided the ability for mass production fabrication at a local level. This ensured each piece of manufactured facade fit well with the next piece and resulted in an extremely efficient installation process.

Architectural Sheet Metal in Construction Renovation Projects

Architectural sheet metal is a great choice for any renovation project that is looking for a cost effective way to upgrade the external look of a building.  Sheet metal is not only great for basic building components such as roof flashings, gutters, downspouts and metal screens, it’s also perfect for creating architectural components that help give an old building a whole new designed look.  That’s what Lindenwood University was looking for and what Architectural Sheet Metal Systems delivered.

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